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Pittsfield City Council Vice President Pete White Endorses Peter Marchetti for Mayor

[WAMC Northeast Public Radio]

I've worked with both John Krol and Peter Marchetti for a long time now. I know both well, I would consider both of them a friend. I would hope they both consider me a friend. And looking at it moving forward, I think we just see two people who are in love with Pittsfield, want to do what's right for Pittsfield, and they may have differing visions or they may be pretty close to what they want to see. For me, I will be- I have endorsed Peter Marchetti, our current council president. I've known him so long, his dedication to Pittsfield. I met him for the first time when I was in the math lab out at Berkshire Community College. I got to know him back in ’01 and ‘02 when I was first looking to run for my first time and his commitment, dedication to the community, not just government, not just politics, but everything he's done working for the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank for the last 35 years, working with him on the Morningside Initiative, working with him on the Pittsfield Parade Committee. I know him so well, I know what his leadership style looks like. Nothing against John Krol. However, I'll be with Peter Marchetti for the mayoral race. And I have worked with them both, and whichever one of them wins, I know I could work with either one of them as mayor. So, it's not a situation that I don't want to work with either of them. I just think Marchetti is the person who's best qualified to lead us right now,

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