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Letter: Peter Marchetti's leadership would make for a strong mayor

To the editor: As a citizen of Dalton, I regret not being able to cast a vote to support Peter Marchetti, whom I have long admired and respected.

His impressive leadership of the Pittsfield City Council as well as his pivotal leadership of the Pittsfield Fourth of July Parade Committee demonstrate some of his finest qualities in action.

As council president, he exhibits incredible patience as he guides an occasionally contentious council toward each decision and vote. He does not elevate his personal preferences above those of his peers. He makes sure that each voice is heard while maintaining a respectful atmosphere. He does this with great skill.

Planning and actualizing each Fourth of July parade requires tenacious resolve, inexhaustible energy and creative problem-solving to overcome the numerous obstacles that unexpectedly arise as well as the predictable challenge of raising enough money to make each parade happen.

Patience, tenacity and creative problem-solving are critically important in carrying out the duties of mayor. Mr. Marchetti’s proven capacity to convert obstacles into opportunities coupled with his lengthy government experience will bring tremendous assets to the city of Pittsfield. His high ethical standards are also a plus, especially during a period of heightened mistrust and division. He is a known quantity, civic minded, not self-serving.

These qualities make Peter Marchetti more than capable of moving the city of Pittsfield in a positive direction. I am envious of those who have the opportunity to vote for him.

Edward Udel, Dalton



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