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Letter: Peter Marchetti is an able advocate for Pittsfield community

To the editor: I am writing to express my support for Peter Marchetti as the next mayor of Pittsfield.

As a former resident of this great city and dedicated local taxpayer for nearly a decade, I believe that Pete possesses the qualities and experience necessary to lead our community towards a brighter future.

Marchetti's extensive background as the senior vice president of retail banking and operations at the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank, where he has worked for 35 years, demonstrates his deep understanding of the city's economic landscape and the challenges faced by local businesses. His experience has endowed him with the skills necessary to navigate complex financial situations and make sound decisions for the benefit of the community.

One of the most notable contributions that he has made to Pittsfield is the development of the Pittsfield Fourth of July Parade, which has gained nationwide recognition. This accomplishment speaks volumes about his ability to bring people together, foster community spirit and promote the city's unique identity. Marchetti's dedication to this event shows his commitment to celebrating and showcasing the best of Pittsfield. I have no doubt that he will bring the same level of passion and enthusiasm to his role as mayor.

Beyond his professional achievements, his work ethic, honesty and integrity are truly commendable. His commitment to transparency and accountability is evident in every project he undertakes, ensuring that the best interests of Pittsfield are always at the forefront. He has clearly demonstrated he is indeed not the "status quo."

Marchetti is a champion of unity and inclusivity. Through the Morningside and West Side Initiatives, he has actively worked to bridge the gap and cultivate a sense of togetherness among Pittsfield's diverse communities. By fostering an environment of collaboration and understanding, he has made remarkable progress in creating a space where all residents feel valued and heard.

With respect to the other candidates in this race, it is clear to me that Peter Marchetti stands out as the right man for the job. His extensive experience, dedication to the city and unwavering commitment to its residents make him the ideal candidate to lead Pittsfield into a prosperous future. I respectfully ask the residents of Pittsfield to consider voting for Peter Marchetti in this upcoming mayoral election. Unite behind a true leader who has consistently demonstrated his love for Pittsfield, the Berkshires and his unwavering desire to see it thrive.

Rebecca Castonguay, West Springfield

The writer is employed in and is a former resident of Pittsfield.



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