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Letter: Marchetti's youth bowling leadership shows care for city's youth

To the editor: Marchetti for mayor has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Pete Marchetti understands the importance of keeping the younger generation involved in positive programs and providing a support system that can guide us all in a positive direction.

Pete Marchetti understands that our city's youth is our city's future.

Today, I not only am speaking for myself but for the thousands of youth bowlers from Pittsfield and surrounding towns that have been fortunate enough over the years to have had Pete Marchetti by their side.

I began bowling in the Pittsfield Junior Bowling League in 2015. I not only began bowling; I became a member of a family, Pete’s family, a bowling family with friendships between serious bowlers, not-so-serious bowlers, volunteer coaches, and parents and guardians. These are friendships that are still going strong.

Pete, once a junior bowler himself, is a very busy man with his job and political involvement but still has selflessly devoted so much of his time to not only us but to bowlers going back 30-plus years. Pete has organized and run the Junior Bowling League and has actively been there every Saturday morning for league, every holiday bowling party, every fundraiser, high school bowling and many, many tournaments that so many of us have competed in throughout the years all over the state. He has been a friend, coach and mentor and has taught us to do our best but still have fun and to be kind and always be there for each other when someone is struggling.

It's hard to express in words the positive impact that Pete Marchetti has had on so many of us, and I am proud to be able to say that I am a part of a family like no others — our bowling family.

Pete Marchetti is the best man for the job.

Mayor Marchetti sounds even better, don’t you think?

Jamari Carnute, Pittsfield

This letter was also signed by the following Pittsfield residents who have bowled in the Pittsfield Junior League: Carter Deschamps, Luzis Brown, Mya Duhamel, Matthew Dupuis, Hunter Golin, Jason Maguire, Parker Maguire, Danielle Mathes, Mitchell McCann, Andrew Robitaille, Colby Rooney, Ryan Russo and Tanner White.



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