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Letter: Marchetti's work with youth clinched my mayoral vote for him

Pete has devoted a huge part of his life to youth bowling. Pete can relate to many kids who bowl. Most of them are considered different because they aren't into sports and aren't your typical athletes.

People will say bowling is not a sport. Well, let me tell you they are 100 percent wrong. These kids work hard, and Pete and many others devote their time to teaching these kids how to bowl with proper mechanics and mostly teach them how to have fun and build self-confidence. Not only are they there for these kids as bowlers but as friends and role models.

Pete is our friend, but more importantly he helped our son who was very shy and didn't have the first clue how to bowl. When I called Pete, he said anyone can bowl. We brought him down, and the rest is history. My son loves bowling, and I'm so glad I called Pete that day.

My family and I will be voting for Peter Marchetti on Election Day Nov. 7, and I hope you will also. Vote for strong leadership. Pittsfield can't afford to go backwards.

April White, Pittsfield



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