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Letter: Marchetti's service and integrity would make him a strong mayor

To the editor: If you want to know the character of a man, observe him when he is unaware that you are watching.

I came to know Pete Marchetti close to 20 years ago. I was a part of a group of special needs families whose children patronized Ken’s Bowl. Pete showed kindness, encouragement, inclusion, empathy and humor to my son and his friends. He made sure they knew that they belong anywhere and everywhere; he even invited them to be a part of the Pittsfield Fourth of July parade.

In 2008, I became the assistant city clerk in Pittsfield, retiring in 2020. During that time, I came to know Pete as a city councilor. He was always helpful, available, respectful, prepared and devoted to the citizens of Pittsfield. He not only talked the talk; he walked the walk. Observing him, I learned what true service to your community looks like.

As a Dalton resident, I like to think that I do not have any “skin in the game,” but that is not true. All of Berkshire County is affected by what occurs in Pittsfield. Though I may not be able to vote in the Pittsfield mayoral race, I encourage those who can to cast your vote for Pete Marchetti, a man with the knowledge, skill and integrity to lead Pittsfield into the future.

Malia Windrow-Carlotto, Dalton



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