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Letter: Marchetti's leadership speaks for itself

To the editor: Actions speak louder than words.

It’s a phrase that has been around for ages, but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, it means that what people do carries more weight than what they say. This phrase is rooted in the belief that a person’s true intentions and values are reflected in their actions. It is easy to make promises and say things that sound good; it is much more difficult to follow through and demonstrate commitment to one’s values.

As I apply this philosophy to the values I seek in the next mayor of Pittsfield, Peter Marchetti’s constant demonstration of leadership, experience and dedication stand out.

For 22 years, Peter Marchetti has been involved with the Pittsfield Fourth of July Parade, which brings generations of families together every July 4th for what USA Today has deemed “one of the best parade venues in the country.” Peter cultivates culture.

For 30-plus years, Peter Marchetti has coached youth bowling for the sole purpose of making a difference. I have witnessed firsthand the lives he has changed by serving as a mentor and role model to young people who wouldn’t otherwise have one. Peter supports our youth.

Peter Marchetti is a constant presence at community events — whether it’s a fundraiser for a local nonprofit, a cultural performance, or a local board meeting where he voluntarily gives his time and talent to build a better and stronger community. Peter is engaged.

And while one might not always agree with his decisions, Peter Marchetti’s 16 years of experience on the City Council (the last eight of which he served as resident) demonstrate his willingness to listen and his ability to work together to find a way forward. Peter is a true leader.

Peter’s dedication in accomplishing all of this (and more), while working his way up from teller to senior VP of retail banking operations in his 35-year tenure at the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank, speaks volumes. Peter is a man of action.

Demonstrating one’s values through actions builds trust, inspires others, and creates positive change.

Please join me in voting for Peter Marchetti on Nov. 7 to create the positive change we need.



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