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Letter: Marchetti's leadership, experience, dedication needed in mayor's office

To the editor: Leadership you can trust, experience you can count on and dedication that is proven.

These words are so much more than a slogan. Together, they span Peter Marchetti’s history of service to Pittsfield and his promise for much more in the future.

In terms of leadership, Peter has served on the City Council for 16 years, with the last eight years as president. He is the current chair of the council's Finance Committee. Peter has demonstrated he can lead and will lead to move Pittsfield forward.

His experience speaks for itself. His 35 years of experience in banking is a proven record of his fiscal knowledge and responsibility — a skill that is critical for a mayor. Peter will continue his work to expand businesses and promote safe and affordable housing. He will enhance our natural resources and recreational facilities. Supporting education and mental health services have always been goals for Peter. He continues to reach these goals through effective communication and collaboration with state and local officials. Peter honors the work of others and promotes mutual respect.

In terms of dedication, Peter works tirelessly and quietly without personal fanfare to serve on local nonprofit boards, coach youth bowling and bring the Fourth of July parade to Pittsfield. I ask you to vote for Peter Marchetti on Nov. 7. What Peter has done in the past, what he is doing today and what he will do as mayor in the future will get Pittsfield closer to where we want to be tomorrow.

Linda Avalle, Pittsfield Read the original letter here



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