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Letter: Marchetti's business experience makes him a good fit for mayor

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

To the editor: As much as anything else, the city of Pittsfield is a company or a business.

Businesses need to be run well in order not to fail.

Peter Marchetti doesn’t just claim to be a capable business leader. He has an actual record of accomplishment helping manage a successful community business, and he has a verifiable, factual record of honorable, consistent and productive employment.

Spurious claims of future first-time success with bold promises that won’t be fulfilled is one choice — a poor one. Hollow promises won’t build a better future for Pittsfield.

Honest, hard work from a capable mayor, who puts the interest of the city over of any personal interest is what we need, and Peter Marchetti is clearly the best choice for the job.

Joanne Billow, Pittsfield



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