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Letter: Marchetti has what it takes to be mayor

To the editor: Being a mayor of a city like Pittsfield is a gargantuan task.

The mayor must ensure that all aspects of our city government are delivered with thoughtfulness, accuracy and efficiency. The mayor, working with his or her staff, develops and oversees a $200 million budget, provides public services by retaining a skilled city workforce, plans for infrastructure maintenance and replacement, ensures an uplifting and instructive education for our children, addresses the social and safety needs of our residents, encourages and supports economic growth and development, enhances our cultural and recreational economy, and inspires our residents and businesses to contribute to our beautiful city.

It is our responsibility as voters to ensure we elect the best person to lead Pittsfield for the next four years. We’ve listened to the debates and read the interviews.

In this campaign, who has a proven record of good governance? Pete Marchetti. Who has listened to people with different points of view and brought people together to solve problems? Pete Marchetti. Who has the proven record of working within his professional capacity with business leaders throughout the city to encourage, fund and retain local businesses? Pete Marchetti. Who has the proven record of accurately managing financial accounts and preparing budgets? Pete Marchetti. Who has the proven record of hiring, training and retaining personnel? Pete Marchetti. Who has a 30-year record of volunteering in the community in many different organizations? Pete Marchetti. Who has the proven record of working for a single company and excelling in increasingly responsible positions in the organization? Pete Marchetti. Who has the proven record of listening to those less fortunate or less understood and seeing the world through their eyes? Pete Marchetti. Who has consistently, throughout his entire life, exemplified compassion, empathy, humility and integrity? Pete Marchetti. Who has strong relationships with our state and federal elected officials and has been endorsed by Gov. Maura Healey and Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll? Pete Marchetti.

We urge voters to consider the experience and personal characteristics of each candidate. We believe there is only one clear choice in this election. Join us by casting your vote for Pete Marchetti.

Libby and Jim Herland, Pittsfield Read the original letter here



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