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Letter: Marchetti has walked the walk for years

To the editor: Growing up in Pittsfield, I received excellent advice from one of my professors at Berkshire Community College.

He said to pay attention to what people do rather than what they say. The old adage that actions speak louder than words still rings true.

Election time often brings with it a call for change. In Pittsfield’s mayoral race, Peter Marchetti’s stellar and transparent record of accomplishments makes it clear that he is the one capable of delivering the change people want. With 35 years of service at Pittsfield Cooperative Bank, Mr. Marchetti earned and was promoted to the position of senior vice president of retail banking operations. He reached this executive management position under the watchful eyes of his employer and co-workers. In addition, he has been serving on the City Council for nearly two decades, currently as president. And, for more than 30 years, he’s been volunteering for numerous causes and serving on various committees, literally too many to mention here. Mr. Marchetti has a lifelong history of walking the walk, not simply talking the talk.

Mr. Marchetti’s opponent speaks volumes, but where is the evidence he can move our city forward? What do we know for sure about him or his business? While claiming he will make the mayor’s office more transparent, where is his own transparency? His unfortunate “mistake” of transferring funds from a nonprofit agency to his personal account was bad enough, but did he take responsibility? Instead, his immediate reaction was his misplaced blame on our long-respected local institutions, The Berkshire Eagle and Greylock Credit Union. We need to unite as one Pittsfield, not alienate our municipal partners.

Mr. Marchetti will bring solid experience and positive energy to our Mayor’s office. He has demonstrated he is capable of putting words into action and has earned the position of mayor of Pittsfield from decades of visible hard work.

Please vote for proven leadership. Please vote for Peter Marchetti on Nov. 7.

Pat Haraden, Pittsfield



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