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Letter: Marchetti has the qualities I look for in a mayor

To the editor:

When choosing Pittsfield’s next mayor, I’m looking for someone who exemplifies qualities of a good leader.

For me, a candidate demonstrates those qualities by caring for Pittsfield and being involved in the city; being honest and willing to own up to their mistakes and not blame everyone else; having a vision for what Pittsfield could become; being fiscally responsible and knowing how to balance a checkbook; knowing how to work with people and enlist their support and help; focusing not on the pie in the sky but reality.

I know that Pete Marchetti has all these qualities and more. Therefore, he will have my vote on Nov. 7. Pittsfield will definitely be a better place with Pete Marchetti as mayor. Join me in voting for Pete.

John FitzGerald, Pittsfield click here to read the original letter



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