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Letter: Marchetti has the experience and vision needed to be a good mayor

To the editor: Pete Marchetti is our best candidate for mayor.

Pete has served on the City Council for years and has been City Council president eight years.

Pete is an agent for progress and steady improvement for the city of Pittsfield. He withstands changes in City Government. He knows the rules and regulations and knows where the loopholes are.

Pete is organized. He knows how to maintain routines and how to get things done systematically. As senior vice president of retail banking and operations at the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank, he knows how to do the math, how to balance the books, how to serve the public and how to get things done on time. His integrity is known.

Pete is adaptable and knows how to move things forward whether it is banking, City Council, the Pittsfield Fourth of July Parade, campaigning for mayor and beyond.

Pete has contacts for economic development and job training. He supports education to train youth and to continue educating and training nontraditional students and senior citizens to prepare for innovations and the ever-changing jobs of the future.

He knows that government needs to respond to the needs of the homeless, low-income housing and to provide alternate dwelling units to those who are working multiple jobs but need help getting housing. He will work with agencies and people with mental health and substance use disorders.

Pete is a strong supporter of the cultural economy. Not only is the cultural economy an important way to encourage creativity, it also enriches the beauty that exists in Pittsfield and Berkshire County. He supports the recreational opportunities that are critical to the people of Pittsfield and for the tourist economy.

Pete is a strong supporter of the police, fire department and other community agencies to promote the safety and wellbeing of Pittsfield residents. He works for the future of the Pittsfield community.

Experience counts. Pete Marchetti gets things done.

Please join me. Vote for our community’s future. Vote for Pete Marchetti for mayor.

Marietta Rapetti Cawse, Pittsfield



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