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Letter: Marchetti has shown he has what it takes to be mayor

To the editor: I have been paying close attention to statements provided by current City Council President Peter Marchetti and mayoral candidate John Krol.

Aside from any financial issues Mr. Krol may or may not have, he is constantly referring back to his time on the City Council under then-mayor James Ruberto, three administrations ago. He mentions the Colonial Theatre, Barrington Stage and Berkshire Innovation Center ad nauseum, either conveniently forgetting or just ignoring the fact that Peter Marchetti was also on the City Council at that time, an integral part of those decisions and successes. This was not the Krol/Ruberto show, and many years have passed since then. He left the city for a number of years and now claims to have the knowledge, fiscal acumen and ability to lead. I have yet to hear anything concrete with regard to what Mr. Krol will offer going forward, and I would not put my trust or our city at risk by voting for him.

Peter Marchetti has grown with Pittsfield, serving on the City Council for more than three decades, currently serving as City Council President, remaining here through its ups and downs, successes and failures. He has the qualifications to see Pittsfield succeed fiscally with his decades of banking experience and his leadership skills. There is no question regarding his dedication to the city. He doesn't claim to have all of the answers to all of the issues we may face, but he does have the experience to know how to proceed in finding the solutions.

He has sought opinions from downtown businesses with regard to parking, panhandlers and, yes, bike lanes. He has the qualifications to see Pittsfield succeed fiscally. Pete knows that it takes all of us, with him leading our city, to move forward in a positive manner. As a homeowner, I have personally taken some of my concerns to Pete, and he offered explanations without sugar coating that I understand and can accept. I feel confident putting my trust in his leadership, knowledge and caring for the city of Pittsfield and its citizens.

I hope you will join me in voting for Peter Marchetti for mayor of Pittsfield.

Helen L. Austin, Pittsfield



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