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Letter: Marchetti has helped to make Pittsfield better

To the editor: For as long as I can remember, Peter Marchetti has worked to build a better Pittsfield, one neighborhood at a time.

Peter has supported the West Side Initiative, pushed for the creation of the Morningside Initiative and is now calling to grow these programs citywide.

Even when Pete was out of office for two years, he doubled his efforts and continued contributing to the city. Let's not forget the Fourth of July Parade, which has hosted such greats as astronaut Stephanie Wilson and actress Elizabeth Banks, and his involvement with a kids program for bowling.

Peter is a family man and understands what most of the families and neighborhoods are going through. Peter cannot solve issues alone, but he believes in bringing people together to do big things.

Let's keep the momentum going and build on our successes. With a positive and progressive mayor and City Council, we can really capitalize on our strengths. I like how Pete has been pushing for Pittsfield in every way during his 10 years as City Council president.

Please vote for Peter Marchetti on Nov. 7. I know he will make a great mayor.

Ginny Coppola, Pittsfield



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