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Letter: Marchetti has demonstrated years of service to Pittsfield

To the editor: I have known Pete Marchetti for more than 20 years.

In that time, I have found him to be caring, genuine and a team player. Pete is competent, friendly, caring and committed to Pittsfield as shown through his dedication over many years on the Pittsfield Parade Committee, 16 years serving on the City Council and his commitment to Pittsfield youth bowling. Pete is truly a hardworking and dedicated person who is motivated to serving our city and seeing it grow and prosper.

Does our city have challenges? Yes, it does, and I think that most people can agree on the biggest issues that we face. After extensive research and listening to debates, I can see Mr. Marchetti's realistic vision for the ongoing development of our city, our neighborhoods and our government.

Leadership is proven by actions, not words or promises. Pete has successfully served

the city for more than 30 years. I urge you to cast your vote for Pete Marchetti for mayor on Nov. 7.

Bernard Mack, Pittsfield



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