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Letter: Having worked with both mayoral candidates, Marchetti is the only qualified choice

To the editor: I have had the opportunity to work closely with both Pittsfield mayoral candidates.

I also am not surprised by his excuses for this untenable behavior.

As an aide to former Mayor James Ruberto, John consistently tried to use his position to benefit himself.

In spite of statements implying otherwise, John never led a department, managed staff or even a dollar of city funds.

His private sector experience is sketchy at best.

He has no experience that qualifies him to be mayor.

Peter Marchetti is an honest, talented professional committed to his community.

He led the City Council through challenging times.

He worked hard and rose through the ranks of a local financial institution to become a respected senior vice president.

He has been an active volunteer in our community for decades.

On the Parade Committee, he consistently works hard to include everyone and produce the best parade for our community every year.

He has proven himself qualified to be mayor.

As a longtime resident of Pittsfield and former department head for the city, I ask you to vote for the only qualified candidate for mayor, Peter Marchetti.

Deanna Ruffer, Chatham

The writer is a former Pittsfield resident and was a Pittsfield city employee from 2004 to 2012 and from 2017 to 2023.



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