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Letter: As councilors, Marchetti listened and Krol didn't

To the editor:

I have known and worked with Peter Marchetti and John Krol for at least 12 years or more.

Working with Peter Marchetti has always been so completely validating in his response to any issues I had in my neighborhood on the West Side. Unfortunately, my working situation with John Krol, who was the councilor of Ward 6 on the West Side for three terms, was very negative and unsuccessful due to his attitude of talking and no action to any of my neighborhood needs. I was a member of the Westside Neighborhood Initiative Committee, which John Krol rarely attended.

After no response from John Krol to any of my requests, I would always contact Peter Marchetti to help me. Immediately he would respond and even showed up at a site at the corners of Linden Street and Robbins Avenue to personally inspect the corner for dangerous crossing to area residents, especially the children who crossed the corner going either to the Christian Center or to Tucker Park. These corners were unsafe since I was a child, and now I’m almost 80 years old, but because of Peter Marchetti they have been made safer for our residents with crossing signage and crosswalks painted on the streets at the corners of Linden and Robbins.

At one point, I handed a list of necessary repairs and dangerous sidewalks in the West Side area to John Krol; he literally laughed at me, as if I were being silly to be concerned. The repairs included broken handicap sidewalk ramps, pipes or tree stumps sticking out of the ground making a tripping hazard, streetlights that needed replacement, etc. He actually did nothing to complete the necessary repairs. I continued to remind John Krol of the repairs, and each time he laughed at me. When I asked Peter Marchetti for a pothole repair, within days the repair was completed.

If you want a mayor who not only has been active in the city of Pittsfield for at least 20 years with sincere caring and action instead of just a smile and a lot of talk, then vote for Peter Marchetti.

Barbara A. Bizzi, Pittsfield Click here to see the original letter



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