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Letter: Marchetti surrounds himself with forward-thinkers and problem-solvers

To the editor: It had been years since Gerald Coppola and I had crossed paths, but we saw each other at Peter Marchetti’s campaign event in August.

It’s always nice to feel you’ve made the right choice of candidate when you see a respected friend has bet on the same horse.

At that event, Jerry told me that Highway Superintendents’ Association members found it difficult to locate and hire people to operate the equipment used to repair and plow Western Massachusetts roads. As I was now on the Pittsfield School Committee, he hoped I could spread the word about a Mass DOT training program leading to careers in highway and road construction.

When I inquired at the Pittsfield Public Schools, I learned that highway superintendents would be a welcome addition to an existing advisory group of trades representatives. Both the highway superintendents and students would benefit as students could find out more about the training program and scholarships available through the state Department of Transportation.

The chance encounter at Pete Marchetti’s event and the constructive outcome are the points of this letter: Peter has a network of friends who come together and solve problems. These are the people who surround Pittsfield’s next mayor, and we are all working with Pete to make life better in this community.

Please vote for our friend Pete Marchetti on Nov. 7.

Sara Hathaway, Pittsfield

The writer is a member of the Pittsfield School Committee and a former mayor of Pittsfield.



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